9 things you have to look at before buying a house

Buying a home is one of the largest investments that a person usually makes throughout their life, so it is a decision that should be made calmly.

We review the 9 things you have to check before buying a house:

1.Who is the owner and what are the charges on the home?

To verify that the person who is selling you the house is the legal owner of it, you must request a simple note or certification from the Property Registry, which will also inform you of the description of the home, and if it is free of encumbrances ( if you have a mortgage, a loan, etc.). You must always check that the home is free of charges.

It must be taken into account that while the simple note only has an informative value, the registration certification has the character of a public document granting a presumption of legality to the acts and contracts registered in it reflected, being under the protection and protection of the Courts.

2.The ubication

One of the most important issues when choosing a home is its location. Buying in the city center is not the same as in the countryside, so you should assess the availability of those services and facilities that are most important to you and your family: nearby schools, hospitals, supermarkets, means of public transport, good communications, etc.

3.The technical inspection of buildings (ITE)

Properties that are more than 50 years old must undergo this technical control every 10 years, and the Autonomous Communities and City Councils may establish a more demanding regulation, the examination of which will inform the general state of conservation of the building, the degree of accessibility and its energy certification.

4.Community of owners

If the house you are interested in purchasing is an apartment or is part of an urbanization, you will have to pay a community of owners fee, which could increase the total payable if this is not included.

Talking to the president of the community before purchasing will also help you find out if there are works planned on the building and what the cost of the spill is for each owner; What is the economic situation of the community (if there are delinquent owners) and what are the statutes (if they do not allow pets, for example).

5.Go to the town hall

At the town hall to which the home corresponds, you can find out if there is any complaint from a neighbor about the property, or if there is a project in progress that could influence the value of the house, such as the construction of a new very expensive road. close to the house.

6.The general state of conservation of the home

If you buy a second-hand house you should make sure of the state of the plumbing, electricity and downspouts, to know if you will have to face a short-term renovation or not.

7.Know the minimum sale value of the home

The autonomous communities set minimum prices at which a property can be sold, to avoid the fraud involved in writing for a lower value than the real value and thus paying less taxes. This minimum value is usually calculated taking as reference the cadastral value, to which a corrective coefficient is applied depending on the location of the property, its age, etc.

8.Expenses associated with the sale

Purchasing a home involves a significant outlay. It is necessary to take into account the cost of the real estate agency that manages the operation, the cost of the public deed of the sale at the notary, the cost of registration in the Property Registry, the associated taxes (VAT or Property Transfer Tax depending). whether it is a new or second-hand home, etc.) and the costs of the agency.

9.If you need to take out a mortgage

It is common that in order to purchase a house you have to apply for a mortgage , so it is necessary to review and analyze the different types of mortgages to find the one that best suits you according to your economic situation. You can calculate your mortgage payment with any of online simulator. Furthermore, in the final price of the operation you must take into account the expenses associated with the mortgage.

By following this small guide, in which we have reviewed the things you should look at before buying a house, you will ensure that the purchase of your new home is a thoughtful and correct decision.

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