FastX a new Play to earn Game on Telegram

FastX is a telegram game for gearheads and crypto lovers! This is a new game in town, and it might take Telegram world by storm. It has a thrilling mechanism that combines the world of fast cars with the excitement of earning cryptocurrency.

How do the game work

FastX places you right in the driver’s seat. You start your journey in the game by parking your virtual car in your in-game garage. But this isn’t your average parking simulator. Here, patience is rewarded! Just for leaving your car in the garage for one hour, you’ll earn a 1000 FastX coins.

What are FastX Coins?

While the finer details of the FastX economy haven’t been revealed yet, I assume that FastX coins are the in-game currency. Earning them will likely be crucial for upgrading your car, participating in races, and potentially even unlocking new features.

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FastX: Road Map

FastX isn’t just about parking your car. The developers have laid out an exciting roadmap for the future of the game, packed with features to keep you revved up:

  • Development of ParkX: The parking mechanic is just the beginning. ParkX hints at a more expansive world where garage might be just one part of a larger in-game experience.
  • Establishment of Social Media and Community Tasks: It is a roadMap to connect with other FastX players! The establishment of social media channels and community tasks will foster a vibrant and engaging community of racers and Players.
  • Partnership for Promotion: It’s another roadmap to team up with other projects, bringing more players and excitement to the game.
  • Car Racing Tournament: It’s a roadmap to Hone players driving skills and compete against each others in high-octane racing tournaments.
  • SocialFi (Social and Finance): Maybe potential payment, where your social interactions might play a role in your financial success within the game.
  • NFT Airdrop: NFT (Non-Fungible Token) airdrops could be a way to earn unique in-game items or even cars!
  • Coin Airdrop: Free FastX coins? Yes, please! Players should Keep an eye out for potential airdrops to jumpstart for their in-game earnings.
  • Token Generation Event (TGE): This could be the event where FastX coins become a tradable cryptocurrency, allowing Players to potentially convert their in-game earnings into real-world value.

What to expect from FastX Features?

FastX is still in its early stages, but with its unique blend of Play to earn including racing, cryptocurrency, and a packed roadmap of features, it has the potential to be a game-changer for Telegram gaming. Keep an eye on FastX’s development – it’s about to hit the fast lane! or you can join the game to check out the features using this link.

Disclaimer: As of today, June 30, 2024, details about some gameplay mechanics and features beyond parking are limited. This blog post is based on currently available information.

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