PixelTap Daily Combo Card| Updated

PixelTap Daily Combo for july 12 is unlocked and Players can now claim their rewards by arranging 4 cards into the correct sequence game panel. This means, daily rewards will be added to your account within a seconds.

Pixelverse adapted daily combo feature for the PixelTap Game. Which means Players from all over the world can play the combo every day to increase their coins. In addition, players can upgrade level of their pet by claiming the combo.

PixelTap July 12 Daily combo

The Game follows a puzzle sequence, which asks the players to arrange Daily selected pets for combo in correct order to be awarded.

If you are a new player and looking to start, start with PixelTap by Pixelverse and grab your first Daily Combo todayas well as new free rewarding wheel tasks.

To start the game log into your telegram account and open pixeltap bot. Find Reward button at the right corner and You can find the feature Daily Combo above daily reward.

Today PixelTap Daily Combo are:

For further Confirmation check the Image below and Follow the sequence for maximum Rewards
Pixeltap by pixelverse july 12 daily combo

I reveived 8.46 millions coins from today combo and you can Maximize and receive millions of more coins in pixelTap after you can read this tips and guides


How can I play the PixelTap Game?

You can play the game on Telegram. You must have a telegram account to start . Still, it will take only a few seconds.

What is the Daily Combo?

Daily Combo is a feature of trending Tap-to-earn Telegram-based game that allows players to get in-game rewards for free once a day by completing hidden tasks or puzzles.

How to claim Pixel Tap Daily Combo?

To claim pixeltap combo players must find 4 correct cards to arrange into correct sequence. Making 100% correct will give the highest rewards and vice versa. The combo a count down to release new combo card in 24 hour.

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