Tapcoins Daily Bounty for Today July,2024 | Updated

Tapcoins Daily Bounty is out for today July 12,2024. Tapcoin is the latest taps to earn telegram game to adopt Hamster Kombat daily combo system to engage telegram community and its player.

Players who join the Tapcoins Game will earn in-game coins by tapping continuously, similar to other tap-to-earn games on Telegram. Tapcoins has an almost identical earning process to Hamster Kombat, except for joining squads and the method of unlocking combo cards, which they call Daily Bounty.

How to Unlock Tapcoins Daily Bounty

Tapcoins Daily Bounty has special features that make it slightly simpler to unlock due to hints available below hidden cards. To find the Daily Bounty, players must go to the “Mine” tab and find hidden cards. To unlock Daily Bounty, players just have to click on hidden cards, and they will see a pop-up with hints about the hidden cards. So, for today, let’s unlock today’s July 11, 2024, Daily Bounty.

The first hidden card has hints of “A new type of token that can be created on the Dogecoin blockchain. They are similar to ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, but they are designed to be more efficient and scalable..” Using this hint, anyone with basic knowledge of crypto and blockchain will know the answer is “DRC-20 Token.” So, you just need to find the cards on the list below the hidden card and upgrade it.

It’s the same with others.it’s about following hint. So, let’s unveil all cards together and go over today’s Tapcoins combo.

Today July 12, 2024, Tapcoins Daily Bounty

The Tapcoins bounty is arrived and we have unlocked cards of the day. The bounty cards are:

July 12,2024 daily bounty aka daily combo

Requirements to Unlock

  • Unlocking LTC Blockchain for today daily bounty requires POS card to be upgraded up to level 8.

Friends, to learn more about Tapcoins, you can read here and Join my telegram channel! Cheers!

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